So much for that!

So. The old man over here had a big day planned down at the Brisbane races. Part of the winter carnival…nothing too spectacular but a lot of big horse races. Not my scene so had all these plans this morning…

Like. Get naked for the prep to the 24 hour Household challenge. I would still like to put up a decent score and get some hours in but alas the world has conspired against me…My little brother tested postive to covid this morning so it all went out the window rather quickly… :frowning:

Anyways. The only redeemable thing about the day is I’ve convinced dad to do pizza tonight for dinner so it’s cheat food to make up for my quiet day…lesson learned…you’ve still got to have some fun!

Dominos it is!


Dominos is a real treat here now

They don’t have as good deals as they used too

There is a £1.99 delivery charge now on top!

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I love Domino’s
Heck I love pizza! :yum:


Pizza Hut used to be really good.

My wife likes Dominoes. I don’t like them. And they’re expensive. Delivery takes forever. Used to be 30 minutes or less guaranteed.

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