So many things has changed

I got a boyfriend! And yes I’ve met him in rl… He’s seen me at some of my worst times and he has done his best to help and I’ve done the same in return!

I finally got my disability! Along with disability I got this thing called… PASS or is it called PASSE? I’m not sure but I got it now… Although I’m not sure for how long I’ll have it… I’m not sure of all the rules but I am very scared of losing it because it covered a med of mine completely that Medicaid hardly covered at all… I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid about this or not… What do y’all think?

I also have switched to drinking mostly plain water… Something I don’t think I’ve ever done and my bladder seems to be working better (I went from doing #1 three times a day to about 5 times a day!)


Water, tea and coffee go right through you.

@Loke not so much for me… If I drank tea all day (no matter how much) I’d #1 two to three times a day that’s it… When I was younger (early 20’s)I was told my kidneys were struggling (I was taking only 3 small sips of water/anything else I drank a day and the dr said I had to start drinking something or I would go into kidney failure… A month and lots of sweet tea later my doctor said my kidney were back to normal but I’ve always had a low #1 count since then

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Hey! Congrats on finding a partner and getting disability. That’s awesome. :smiley:

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@Montezuma thanks!.. It took a while to find him… You’ll NEVER guess where I met him

Oh? I am clueless :sweat_smile:

@Montezuma so online! He’s the best!

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Oh oh oh! @Montezuma I got a car too!

Kick ass! I’m getting ready to do some reading.

Take care. :sun_with_face:

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@Montezuma okay have fun!

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