So, I've been vibrating for a while now, not sure what to do

so earlier I said I don’t take well to people speaking challengingly to me; depresses me and gets me in a down mood…
so this cousin of mine challenged my authority when I told her to pause some downloads… like her tone was rude\angry then shortly after that I start shaking and it hasn’t stopped since, Like I can clearly see my fingers shaking, and my chest is literally vibrating… I can even see my clothes moving just from the shaking. It’s been 5 days now and its not stopping. you’d even think its some early stage parkinsons… Like I wasn’t angry or anything when it started, so am not exactly sure what to make of why\how it started.
So anyone here familiar with this issure? thinking of going to the hospital… but I have a feeling they’ll say high blood pressure, and that doesnt stop?

sometimes I just feel like wtf…
everything was perfect, zero querrals, zero problems with my schizophrenia, had plans to rejoin university and get my effortless ‘A’ grades… was even looking forward to joining the gym and get P90X muscles… basically I had no reason to complain, then this shaking sh#ts thrown at me instead of a lottery win… how about for once I get something good instead of another unneccessary problem… like 3 years in a row of unneccessary problems, it’s like am allergic to just being at peace, coz that’s exactly what I was in before this issue started

Could be medication are you on and first generation antipsychotics. They can cause Parkinson like symptoms.

Life is total BS sometimes. Everything goes wrong. Rocks being thrown in your way. Sorry to hear. I hope you come out of it or at least adapt. Nature can be so unkind sometimes. I hope it’s all about balance. My nature been doctors and hospitals.

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I haven’t taken any schizophrenia meds since 2014, and haven’t been taking any recently… Unless it’s because of some tear gas I was exposed to a week earlier, coz I was having hard time sleeping because of it…
so tear gas hits my lungs, causes sleeping problem, sleeping problem ends and heart or lung tremors start… hm, possible… Think I’ll give it 3 more days, if it doesnt stop then, I’ll head to hospital and hope its not some heart problem or chronic problem…

Did you want your cousin to obey you?

It sounded a bit like that the way you have written…

I would not like any of my cousins expecting me to obey them and “do as I’m told” and that they are in “authority “.

I would want nothing to do with them or would avoid them.

I have family members who want to feel power over me and I feel really uncomfortable and awkward around them and really don’t think their behaviour is ok and I do meet them but I also avoid them.
If they treated me better so I felt more comfortable around them I would want to be with them more instead of avoid them.

Is the shaking because your cousin did not obey you and it upset you so much it made you shake?

Since you have been shaking for days you should see a dr.

Why not make a appointment with a gp?

A wise man once put his uncle infront of a firing squad just for disobeying him. The firing squad used anti aircraft guns to shoot him down ~ that wise man was Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Just for the record, I am not Kim Jong Un, but at the level am shaking, I might as well wish I was so I can bring in some anti aircraft justice :grin: PS: it’s a joke; for those who take everything literally…
@SacredNeigh7 am not really blaming my cousin, but I do know without her, this problem wouldn’t be present. I understand it’s probably some pyschological issue at best… you know, like those things we say was done by our schizophrenia delusions… or it was just an issue waiting for one last tick to burst out.
And concerning ‘obey’, am sure you don’t talk back to your cousins as though they were your mom and you were some indisciplined teenager; that’s how her tone sounded, and that’s what I meant by ‘challenged my authority’. I realised she just talked back because she’s a hot tempered person, and people like that love breaking down walls; there’s a wall of umderstanding you don’t break when talking to people, and breaking that wall is what ticks me off, cause if I also break it, their is no love, will be just two fools fightining each other…so it depresses me… plus am nobodys mom to listen to teenage talkback ■■■■ like its nothing. Plus she was visiting from another country and was staying at my house, using my slow internet to download a shitload of free piratebay movies, so it wasn’t a matter of ‘me being unfair’.

I have tremors all the time. My doctors think I might have Parkinson’s or Dementia maybe. (They’ve never diagnosed me as having Schizophrenia) I diagnosed myself because of the voices.

For the tremors they have me on propranolol. It actually helps a lot. People who are prone to being nervous take it. I’m told that actors take it a lot.

so these tremors, they never stop?

My pdoc put me on cogentin. That helped my shakes, even though I still have some leg tremors from time to time, theyre more easily controlled.

But in your case I would say ask about propranolol, that lowers your heart rate and blocks the shakes etc. from excess adrenaline. Its not perfect, especially if you have low blood pressure but it should help tremendously

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