So I've been listening to my girlfriend's bands more

People in modern country like Keith Urban, Rascall Flats, the Mavericks…a big change for me because I am a rocker, but it’s growing on me…we just had a discussion that the music I listen to I “pay homage” through listening to the great huge bands of history like the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones because how much I admire them, historically and for sentimentality of it…her arguement was that “why can’t you just enjoy music for what it is? A song that is what people live their lives to these days.?” I have to agree I have been close minded…the newer country still doesn’t touch the classic country stars of the seventies and eighties, but hey, I’m old…haha…


I wish I was more up on today’s bands… Usually I’m lost lol I do appreciate old country through. Grew up on it.

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