So it's true. Women collaborate on gossiping (aka research) men

I am so devastated. I didn’t even say that I had schizophrenia to the woman I am interested in yet some other woman told her for me. This is how women collaborate by gossiping (aka research) on men. This is so unfair. I am heart-broken :broken_heart:

At least I know why she ceased to talk to me. It wasn’t me who said something wrong. It was another woman who told the woman I was interested in unfavorable information about me.

What a waste of a month. What a waste of money buying this.


Men gossip just as much. Realise it’s so much harder in your country due to your population policies and why it’s upsetting but it’s like anything. Get back on the bike and keep cycling. Being kind to women will get you further.


No way. I have to disagree that men will gossip about women. Women talk more about their relationships with men. Men talk about sports, the stock market, car etc. Relationships between men & women is not a banned topic in China even though these discussions are monitored. The recently implemented 3-child policy is now favorable to most Chinese. I am kind to women that I am interested in. But women I have zero interest in, well… I don’t really want to say.

I’m a member of a sporting club. The cricket club is full of gossip and women are often the subject. Your in a market where women can be picky simply from your governments previous population decisions and it’s different from other countries so please be mindfull that your situation is dependant a lot more on your regional circumstance.

Not being critical. Just saying there’s a world of others who have differing opinions to you based on regional trends and influences.


LOL, well I am not a part of a cricket club so I assume what you say is true. Guys do banter in the “locker room”. Women are picky and it’s not just any woman. Chinese women have a plethora of choices of men to choose due to the gender imbalance. A one-party state government does make big mistakes; however does have the ability to self-correct.

Criticism is allowed but depends on the topic.


I know men who gossip plenty.
Much more than women i know.
Biggest gossiper I know of is a

Maybe she became afraid that you might be a violent or aggressive person.
You could contact her and explain to her and show her the ring.

Maybe she will open her mind and heart to you.
It’s worth a try n if not you may meet someone else who accepts you just as you are.

Good wishes to you.

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Thank-you for your good wishes. Well, gossip is gossip and I have to deal with it now. My violent and or aggressive behavior was towards another male co-worker who wronged me. Men are naturally violent & aggressive as most soldiers, fighters and criminals are men. I showed her the ring. It didn’t make any difference.

She stopped talking to me and it wasn’t directly my fault. I didn’t say anything about my mental illness but rather some other woman did.

Much appreciated @SacredNeigh7

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Mate. I’m not saying it’s easy over here when you don’t work and live with your father but it is what it is. We all have our challenges but all’s I’m saying is be mindfull what works or doesn’t in your neighbourhood may not be the same for me or Joh Blogs over in another country.

We’re a very inclusive website and we don’t take or tolerate certain views of the fairer sex. I know your disspointed but as I’ve said. Be mindull we are in different places where there’s totally different concerns.


it’s very prevalent here in my small town,
women gossip, but men share something interesting
to other men about their wife or woman.
sorry it happened.

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Thank-you @Daze

I understand that in a small town, everyone knows everyone unlike a large metropolitan city where majority of people are strangers.

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I don’t agree that men are naturally violent and aggressive.

I know such men but I also know such women.
Very hateful woman.

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When it comes to mate selection and protection, men will act violent and aggressive just as how videos of sperm competition under a microscope has been video recorded. Not sure how a woman’s egg compete against one another but bad mouthing women is a method???

some ossip causes trouble and lies can be spread

I avoid tis always

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Where do you live @yinyang? (If you don’t mind my asking.)

You can’t really lie and gossip about a person’s schizophrenia diagnosis. Stating that a person is mentally ill is quite a drastic statement to make.

For example: If a normal person says to someone about a schizophrenic, “Do you know he or she is crazy”?

Western North America. Not like it matters to my current situation.

As in Canada? Attitudes towards mental illness have really softened here over the past decades from what I’ve seen.

if it true its not ossip

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Maybe. The Chinese population is very densely concentrated in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Seattle.

Then gossip is fiction. Truth from facts.