So it's been a hella weird week

I’m dating a lady who is dating a couple in an open relationship, and that’s pretty weird.

Some dude has pictures of me naked, I don’t really want to get into how he got them but he threatened me with them and that was weird.

My mom’s family is in town for the weekend, that sucks.

I get my results on thursday though, and that’s pretty cool.

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Sounds like too much drama to me. At least for me it is. I’ve had more than my fill of drama in the past, I don’t miss it. But if she had a nice rack I would probably fall in love with her and take her to Niagrea Falls on our honeymoon.

My life is always crazy, man. There’s always a bunch of weird ■■■■ happening. It’ll be really special if that picture gets thrown up online though haha

It’s not very flattering

Shes a pretty little lady though

wow, that sounds complicated :flushed:
take care :alien:

She looks like angelina jolie crossed with sarad

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