So it looks like I won't be moving out of the ghetto after all

This neighborhood is bad for my mental health, but it looks like I’m stuck here, possibly for another year. My lease is up on the 25th, and I won’t have enough money to move.

I’m not entirely sure relocating for this job right away is the best idea, anyway. My new employer has a six-month probationary period, so perhaps I shouldn’t move until I make it past the six-month mark, so I know this job is going to work out.

My apt’s property manager has properties near my new job, so I sent him an email this morning asking if I would be able to move to one of those properties in a few months without it being a breach of my lease. He probably would be fine with that, but his other properties are not in the best neighborhoods, either. That city is not quite as bad/dangerous as where I currently live, though. It just bums me out to think I am stuck here for a little while yet.


Ghetto? Do you live in New Jersey ?

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No, I am in the Midwest, plenty of ghettos here, too.


I don’t know what ghetto is assuming it means area with lots of chavs.

Chavs? I’m not familiar with that term. “Ghetto” refers to poor, run down, dangerous neighborhoods. This area is very poverty-stricken, and I hear gunshots on a regular basis. It’s awful here.


I guess similar thing. An area with lots of chavs gives you this kind of neighbourhood

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Ah. Yeah, this neighborhood appears to be Blood turf, from what I have seen of so many people dressing in red, not to mention the Blood graffiti around the neighborhood. If you’re not familiar with Bloods and Crips, they are rival gang nations in the US. There are Blood gangs and Crip gangs all across the US. We also have Folk gangs (such as Gangster Disciples or Spanish Cobras) and People gangs (such as Vice Lords or Latin Kings) in the US, but those are separate from Bloods and Crips. Anyway, yeah, we have Bloods as some of our chavs lol.


This is complicated. Just call them chavs. Why complicate things :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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better safe than sorry I guess :frowning: Good luck, hope things turn out positive soon.

:open_mouth: Man that’s crazy! I hope you move somewhere safe soon. My city has a lot of violence too. But where I live at I don’t often have too many problems.

Take care :v:

Wow. No gangs that I know of here mainly heroin, meth and pedophiles.

Crack is the bigger problem in this neighborhood. Yeah, heroin has become a serious problem everywhere.

Umm, I live in New Jersey.
It’s not a Ghetto State @anon80629714.
Lots of quiet Beautiful towns.

I thought we were friends :smile:

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Dude, I hope you can get out of there, soon.
Lots of shady people here but not much risk of getting physically hurt. There’s nothing here though. I kind of want to leave but I better prove to myself I can live independently first.

@freakonaleash Can you ask your landlord if you can switch the lease to month-to-month? Some landlords are open to that if you’ve been on a longer lease previously and if you’ve been a good renter. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

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Also, could you consider a share rental, or renting a room in a house at your new location until you can save up money for your own apartment?

I’m thinking that even with the 6 months probation on your new job, there’s nothing really tying you to your current location since you already gave up your old jobs.

Another option might be if your landlord would consider switching your lease to an apartment of similar size/rent in your new city. It seems like there wouldn’t be much additional cost if your landlord allows you to transfer the deposit or first/last month’s rent or whatever your current apartment lease required.

Sorry if my comment made you feel worse.
Sometimes I’m not too bright.

Yeah, he said he would have no problem letting me out of my lease early if I was moving to one of his properties in the other city. The last time I relocated for a job I ended up being let go at the end of the three-month probationary period, as I was not performing up to par, not catching on fast enough. That time I moved halfway across the country, though.

It’s okay, no harm done. :slight_smile:

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