So it changed again

It snowed again, well often happens in the beginning of April … here are a few pictures …


This is a part of our historic district, not many people live in these buildings, these are close to 100 years old wooden buildings where the management of the factory used to live in the old times. Well, the times have changed. Sometimes when I ride my bicycle I get this old Russian feeling for some reason.

Those look like very large old houses. Would bet it costs a fortune to heat?

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In the old times the heating systems were different when there were not electrical systems. By the way the snow melted away already.

Really Cool Photos … ,

When e(Y)e had tha Chance to Walk in tha Snow , Long T(Y)me Ago , it Created a Very Peaceful Feeling … ,

Tha Snow is Pretty Amazing … … …

I really enjoy the photos you post @mjseu. Those old houses are beautiful. Your little town looks like an idyllic setting. It’s almost like you live in a picture postcard. :slight_smile:

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