So is iti-007 in final stages yet?

I thought i read a forum post that said its recruited its people for the schizophrenia study. Now i cant find it. I had in my head that next months we would know the results

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This was thread about ITI-007 estimated timeline that was in the News portion of the site:

Med estimate timeline

U really seem excited for this to come out huh? U do know abilify and latuda are weight neutral right?

There not weight nuetral the website of both lists weight gain as a side effect

Actually u may be right:

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Doctors lie and say there weight nuetral but the research shows otherwise. Haldol isnt even weight nuetral some people gain on haldol

Have u ever tried geodon? I lost weight on it.

I dont wanna risk heart problems from it

Cactus I’m on zyprexa and am losing weight thanks to a low carb diet and intermittent fasting. It’s possible…

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