So I'm trying the "force yourself" technique

Ive managed to get some stuff done by forcing myself and actually felt better afterwards.

I have a “big” day tomorrow. Blood tests, Haircut, get meds, get prescription permanently changed to 15mg.


When I have a list of things to do, there’s always one or two items that are optional. I force myself to do a lot of things, but it’s important to me to be able to drop something off the list if I’ve done other things already…
Good luck!


It could be the increase to abilify 15mg that’s helping. As forcing myself previously seemed completely impossible.

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i hope so @everhopeful it would be great if you were able to be a bit more motivated to do things.

idk how i manage to do the things that i do, i just try my best as much as i can and take plenty of breaks, sleep well, and meds are really helping except with anxiety.

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It’s a strange situation.

I think motivation is still the same. But I don’t feel wasted all the time so my ability to force myself has improved. And as I’ve got stuff that needs to be done I’ve got no choice but to force myself.

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They don’t get done otherwise.

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