So im this new kick that I'm psychic

I should be spending time going to the gym, but instead I’m trying to developers my psychic abilities. Which takes much less physical work. I’m considering upping my meds but my “psychic advisors” advise against that…I don’t think a minor increase would hurt. Don’t worry I’m safe guys, just delving into some unusual shiz

“I’m psychic”


The best things in life are free. Rediscover what you owned?

Trying to make yourself sicker, you mean.


It would be a good idea to shut the door on these possibilities. Some people can entertain these thoughts without having it negatively affect their lives. You don’t sound like one of them.

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@ninjastar whyd my post get deleted ?

Because you’re trying to convince people that your delusions are real and that others here should believe they have the same delusions. This forum is for helping each other recover, not pushing others deeper into psychosis. Don’t try to talk people into believing your TI theories. This is not the place for that stuff.