So, I'm still in Facebook jail

some people get one to three days,
but I keep getting 30 days.

ah! I air my grievances, I’m 52, a lot of bad sh-it has happened
in my life. they call this hate speech.


got good advice to change the wording so the AI doesn’t pick it up. yeah, I guess.

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Facebook is the one place where you get to meet every person you’ve purposely ignored your whole life…all on one page.

Twitter is the same 800 or so dinks projecting and feeding off each other’s stupidity.

So don’t sweat getting suspended from either of these platforms, Dazzle.

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I may or may not have heard this morning, that social media is bad for the mind.
Some people leave, maybe lots,
and maybe they get into things like wood working.


Nitpicky ■■■■■■■■. I know, I got banned from a couple. They try to force everything on you.

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Twitter seems to be 99% people looking for a fight, and they’ll pick fights with you over things you didn’t know existed before the crap hit the fan.

Very strange place.

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