So im schizoaffective, ptsd and an addict

Well the schizoaffective and ptsd became official (to me) in the letter to the school my psychiatrist had to write to get the full tuition back from dropping this past semester. The addict is my own diagnosis because personally. Id much rather have unlimited sheets of acid and weed for the rest of my life over any romantic partner any day. Its tough dealing with it. A lot of the times i can barely tell the difference. I mean i know the voices r from the schizo part. But what about the depression and everything else. Its hard having the holy trinity of faultiness. Anyone else deal with schizoa and ptsd and addiction? They all just seem so entertwined with each other. Isn’t schizo a form of trauma? I mean i know the ptsd came from me running my car into a tree during a psychotic break but holy hell its a load to carry


I’m a schizoaffective alcoholic. I’m an alcoholic who doesn’t drink anymore, though; I just passed the 5-month mark for sobriety. My problems with alcohol first started spiraling out of control when I was 23 (I’m 37 now), when I started cycling very badly (I’m bipolar type), as a way of self-medicating. PTSD has been suggested at one time, regarding some horrible stuff I went through as a kid, but I don’t buy into that one. All of it sucks no matter how you look at it, though.


I feel afraid constantly bc of my sz. And I really miss being on adderall. But I probably don’t qualify as ptsd or addict.

They probably seem because they are intertwined.

A psychotic break can cause severe trauma enough for some to develop PTSD, it did for me.

It’s so easy to turn to your choice of addictions after experiencing something terrifying, they make you feel elated but are merely momentary distractions. They don’t last forever and that’s the problem. You feel these highs from your addictions which lead to crashes as most do and then that’s when you have to deal with the PTSD and the Sz which can feel like a living hell. Early on when I didn’t understand the Sz or the PTSD all I could do was feel sorry for myself and curl up in a ball in my bed, not wanting to talk to anyone. Alcohol was my addiction pre Sz, it used to help me forget things I didn’t want to remember, but I know if I drink now it will be one more problem but I still crave and I feel your pain.

Here’s an article worth reading :slight_smile:

I’m schizoaffective also and not really an addict but I do heavily abuse Xanax and Soma. But I’ve been able to stop those many times, which is why I know I’m not an addict.

You take meds no? I’m schizoaffective, have some degree of ptsd, definitely an addict. Got sick of shrooms and acid because they just don’t do it anymore on the meds. I used to come off my meds to do those drugs. It gets better for us I feel? Those are my drugs too.

I’ll have hope once I get employed again

My doc raised my propranolol too

@Kazuma when I was on the meds I would take acid for the feeling because I no longer got the visuals. So I would mix it with benzos and it would feel real good. I haven’t done it since early June though. I’ll find a thread I made the last time I did acid and it’ll reveal the date.

Wow so it was may
I remember I made this thread on acid.


Please please please Jon

Read Josh Hamilton book

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I think it should be required reading in high school