So I'm applying for SSI

So I tried applying for SSI before only to be to schizophrenic to complete the necessary follow ups. I really hope I get it this time, I am to schizophrenic to work. Every time I try to work I end up leaving due to paranoia and delusions. What are your experiences with SSI and work?

While I worked, I had a break down and hid in the back until I was found. I was fired. In April of 2010 I was hospitalized they convinced me to apply for Medicaid and later SSI. My partner helped fill out the paperwork. I was approved within a few months didn’t even have to appeal.

I used to work and still get SSI and SSDI at the same time. All three at the same time.

As Nick’s post suggests, if one is applying for SSI , one should apply for SSDI at the same time. One should apply for both at the same time because if you win SSI, you’re allowed like $20 a month from other nonwork sources. I have both SSI and SSDI.



I’ve heard SSDI is harder to get, my brother in law is applying and has been denied so has my dad. But i got SSI in no time without much fight but i don’t qualify for SSDI. They told me i didn’t work enough for the short time that i did work at the big retail store that was my first job.

I am on ssi for 3 months now and have been interviewing this week for a few jobs. I would loose ssi but order my pills from mailorder pharmacy websites if my insurance is expensive for meds…and I would make enough to pay for basic insurance. I don’t have any symptoms anymore, though and can work and return to school. So, I want to even if I only do part time. I have been working on an online company that will be a fall-back income in case I need out of pocket medical expenses or help moving this year ontop of my job income. I have been working out of a public office and have been around people most days and I know I can handle it so that is why I am persuing getting a job. Just because now I know I can do so without regressing. 6 months ago I couldn’t.

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Hi - I recommend you (and anyone else interested in getting SSI) to look at these documents and previous discussions:

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