So if we get TD

Are we kinda just screwed? Those tardive dyskinesia meds price tag is more outrageous than the antipsychotics price tag I fear the worst

Worry about what is now. It’s hard but we stress about things that aren’t there yet with our meds…You give normal people meds and tell them the side effects and likely as not they’ll think they are getting those said side effects…That placebo affects works with that in some extent too…

It’s about control versus function for me. I survive with the amount of medication to control my symptoms versus the side effects and their impact on my life. I’ve done well because I’m older but I’ve come down on both my psych meds last two years and done well…It was hard for a decade on those doses though but it helped me live a good life…

So. First things first. Get the meds right for you and work from there. Worry about the side effects when you get them not before.


I’ve been on aps since 1987 and I have no tardive that I know of. I have akathesia which comes and goes. Reading helps and playing guitar. I notice I squirm a lot when I play and I’m sure it’s the aps. My concentration at reading is tops. I am able to read again. I thought I’d lost it. I won’t ever lose my concentration completely, even if I never read again. Reading is a great investment.


Yeah, the future is a terrorist.

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I got td from abilify. After a while it slowly went away. The last time anyone said they noticed it was a psychiatrist said she could tell, but barely. Sometimes it’s not a life sentence.

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What ap are you on?

I have td. Its very mild and I don’t even notice it. You can always change meds. Mine became even milder after dropping abilify.


Every ten years the overall dopamine levels decrease 8% so I am 51 and positive symptons have decreased greatly. About the age we are likely to have TD you can reduce your AP dosage and help avoid it. When i get to my sixties i will start dropping AP dosage. That is how I plan to avoid it

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I’m on Latuda. I’ve been on everything except for a few new ones. Latuda is an AP that later became a mood stabilizer too when they found out its capabilities.


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