So I won't be working from home afterall

They just keep going back and forth on what they want me to do. Now my manager says she’s worried if i will be able to cope with the longer hours. To be honest with you, i can’t. Luckily once the pandemic is over i will be able to go back but no pay till then.

You’ll be okay moneywise won’t you? You come from a fairly affluent family don’t you?

Affluent? What does that mean? We are not rich but we get by. My mum has rent money coming in but don’t know what happen if they can’t pay.

Affluent definition:

“(especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy”

I thought you came from a fairly affluent family…I wasn’t trying to get nosy…that’s just the impression I had.

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Well, to be honest, …
Yes my mum has two properites and shares a third property with me and bro…
But it still feels bad and I feel guilty its not my money and I haven’t earned a single dime of it


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