So, I went to sell plasma today for the first time

But they need my pdoc to sign off on some papers.

Has anyone ever sold Plasma? How did it work out.

From my research online it seems like you wouldn’t want to do it long term. Which is unfortunate because it seems like a worthwhile cause.

Anyway, just looking for others experiences.

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I’ve given whole blood and it’s a good feeling… I live in NJ though and don’t think You can sell plasma here…

This form of giving back is cool because it’s so tangible… I even interviewed for a role at a blood bank but Didn’t get the job…

Just thought I’d share.


The plasma is used to make medicines ‘accross the board’ according to the guy who did my intake. Which I am ALL for.

So it’s different than donating blood that is used in transfusions (?).

I suppose their both giving, but they just help out on different ways.

I suppose I can see why some people have a moral problem accepting $ for giving something that your body is just going to reproduce anyway.

But in places like Iran you can make something like $6,000 for donating a kidney, which is like 1/2 a years salary over there.

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I never knew that about the medicines…

I don’t have a moral judgement on it, but I’m ‘skeeved ‘ nonetheless with the juxtaposition of needles, and money.

Some can do it, and some have no other way maybe

But This is the second time we’ve spoke about giving back…

have you ever thought of giving bone marrow?

I think a great shame is driving me into these choices… so I would never judge on this stuff to put a bow on my post here.

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Skeeved is a loud word but I wasn’t painting you w that brush …

Taken from a differing angle have you seen the flick ‘7 Pounds’ ?

It’s a good movie although I see problems with it nowadays…

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I read that in iran organ selling is legal. The government sells organs like hearts, livers, etc

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I saw something in a reliable tv news program they said they buy their citizens kidney because dialysis is so expensive. They said 1 year of dialysis for one patient is like $1,000,000 in the states.

That’s no typo. All of those zeros are supposed to be there.

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Update: So, my pdoc called back and said that according to the world health organization people with psychotic disorders are blacklisted from donating blood/plasma/whatever else so the Pdoc office won’t agree to authorize the papers I sent over.

I guess the good news is I can put this to rest and stop obsessing.

Thanks for reading.

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