So I went to see someone

Wasn’t a pdoc but a nurse specialist he said he’s hoping I won’t have a psychosis the medication increase should help with that. I need to give the med time to work. It’s only been a week since the increase. He didn’t tell me much yet only that he’ll call me on Wednesday to let me know what’s going on. They did say I seem very anxious though. Not sure y. Also talked about recovery college.

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Good luck,what meds your taking and what’s the dosage?
Give it some time

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It’s normal for you to be anxious from all that is happening.

What’s recovery college?

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7.5mg. . Abilify

Recovery college is a place I get to meet lots of people on the same boat and learn techniques to manage my illness

Sounds very cool. Are you going?

Yes hoping to depending on times I mean can’t go if I’m working :frowning:

Oh alright. It’s a possibility though.

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