So I went out today

Despite my stay at home order I hopped on the bus and went to Goodwill in search of dvds thinking it was open (was said online they were) turns out they were closed so I walked to sushi gen and they were also closed — then went to Albertsons and they had nothing i wanted as well — so eventually I wound up at Walgreens and bought 7 movies now Im watching ‘flags of our fathers’ …
It felt good to leave…
Sorry if this isn’t the most interesting thread … :confused:

How’s yer day?

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It’s very hard during these times being forced to stay home unless it’s a necessity. It’s hard to find something to do. We need to go out and interact with others. I’ve noticed people are very distant and even more not friendly. Like it wasn’t even worth g ou ing out at all. Strange times

My day was good, watched cartoons and found some new music to listen to. This stay at home order is very annoying

That’s a good movie. What other movies did you get? I cleaned all day. But I feel good about it. It needed to be done.

I got - the departed, blood diamond, pirates of the Caribbean, and a couple of other ones I can’t remember — I started watching them but couldn’t get into some of them (too bloody, kids with guns and so on) – i have bad luck with finding good movies I’ll make a 2nd attept to watch them tomorrow …

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Those are good movies. I hope you find some that are more up your alley.

My mom and I tried to go drop off some goods at our local thrift stores, Goodwill was one of them. All of them were closed due to covid 19. I spent a few days with my parents as I was getting lonely at my apartment. I’m back at my apartment now. My day has been good.

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