So I went in a mosh pit

Years ago at a Black Sabbath concert. Minus Ozzy Osbourne. A mosh pit is when people congregate in front of the stage and basically go crazy, hitting other people while dancing, pushing, and shoving each other. They call it slam-dancing. And for a good reason. I had seen it on MTV and I was curious as to what it’s like. So I left my friend in our seats and I went down by myself to join the mosh pit. I was about 33 years old. Big mistake! I walked in the middle and I was surrounded by chaos. I remember some long-haired guy without a shirt was getting a running start and crashing into peoples backs. Everybody else was moving in a rough circle but they were pushing and shoving hard. There were about twenty people doing this. I was being jostled badly and I was wearing glasses back then. All of a sudden someone slammed into me from behind and I was knocked violently onto the ground and my glasses flew off. I was laying there stunned until for some resaon a couple people helped me back up. I had enough. I walked humbly back to my seat. My friend had been watching and just laughed. I had a taste of what it was like and I woiuld never do it again.

I went to a Danzig concert years ago with a friend. I had worked my way right to the front but he was a bit farther back, towards the center or the crowd. The music started and I was really enjoying myself, The crowd would push in waves towards the stage and it was pretty fun trying to resist being crushed into the barrier in front of me. :slight_smile:

I looked back to see if I could find my friend and I saw him being whipped back and forth by the crowd like a rag doll. He had his glasses clutched in his raised hand and the look on his face was one of bewilderment and shock. I turned back to the stage and enjoyed the rest of the show. My friend ended up being pushed against the insane speaker system and spent the rest of the concert looking into a speaker grill and being blasted by the music.

Fun times.

i was at a festival and it had been raining pretty bad, i went to see one of the bands that were on but can’t remember which and i was dancing about like a large jelly when someone hit me on the side of the face with an almost full beer can, i had an infected ear at the time and there was a plaster on it just under my ear and thats where it hit, i just looked around but there was so much going on i couldn’t see who might have thrown it so i just shook my head and carried on jiggling, some people are really sick sometimes.

My sis had a boyfriend her age once and they went to some heavy metal show. The guy went into a mosh and obviously got beaten up a bit. He looked a mess. I couldn’t believe someone would do that for fun. I really thought he got mugged… but he kept saying he got caught in the mosh.

I started going to punk shows when I was about 15 with a friend of mine. There was always a pit, most of the time I would stand among the circle and just push people back in when they were flung against me, like you do, but I occasionally danced my way across to the other side of the circle.
You think your run of the mill mosh pit sounds dangerous? Try it at a show where most of the concert goers are wearing combat boots, studded leather jackets with spikes and spiked up mohawks and such…
But there was really very little actual violence, some, but very little, and no serious injuries that I recall.

fun times though those punk shows…

I went into a moshpit at a Killswitch Engage concert. I went in alone and then a couple times with a 6’2 powerlifter, we plowed everyone in the middle of the pit twice. I am 5’7 so it was funny. Everyone including myself was not wearing a shirt. Much men being stupid.

In high school my girlfriends and me would do mock mosh pits at school dances.