So I want to study atheism in greater detail

I looked at all these courses, if there were christian colleges and degrees, I thought I should be able to find some kind of atheist college or degree.

Looked everywhere, so I gave up and
Just did a science degree.

There are no atheists in fox holes.


It’s called Philosophy. The art of learning and logic!

Morality…thought itself…

It’s an arts degree…but it still is the most important of courses on thought itself!

A friend in the struggle,


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Now thats offensive…I couldnt be anymore offended…


Atheism is a very broad concept, furthermore there is nothing to teach because it is simply the lack of belief in the existence of Gods.


So are you saying my degree is useless to me…damn bro…

How does it relate to atheism?

Why are you offended?

i can give you a book if you want, its called ‘the God delusion’ by Richard Dawkings, there is also a book in contrast to that

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meteor…I still think that every punter should do an arts degree before any other degree. I think it’s the only way to give people a good perspective on things by studying stuff like philosophy, sociology, english lit etc…I’m not dissing you. I’m just saying it’s not something most universities even encourage these days.

For the record. I’m a happy athiest…but if you call me a secular humanist it loses those negative connatations for most folk.


I want to survive and that’s it.
Nothing else.

I’m not sure how it can be studied. It’s simply lack of belief in a higher power.

There are a couple of guys on YouTube who are very provocative thinkers and who are also atheists. Their names are Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. I don’t know if you are familiar with them. You might enjoy them if you aren’t.

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There’s a book out there I’m not supposed on atheism whose premise is to ask questions of logic about why you hold one belief but not others. Supposedly works well for sz delusions too. Maybe if you look around you can find it. It’s more of a practical guide

If it helps, i dont think u can really study the god subject either at school, its a very visceral experience.

Sure you can. People go there to learn new concepts. Atheism would be one.

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If you want to know more about Atheism, just ask me. I’m pretty knowledgeable of Athiesm and am involed in the online Athiest community.

I used to be atheist which asserts there is no god, now I’m agnostic because I question whether I could be wrong. Still largely the same.

You can believe with certainty there is no God and still consider the possibility it might be real. Most athiest I know are like that. I am like that.

Common sense tells you that you’re troubled for holding two views. But you’re fine. People tell you to believe one thing over another because of how they look at you. But they are not important.

Athiesm doesn’t assert there is no God. It doesn’t assert anything you’re not ready to accept.