So.. I thought today was Tuesday

It turns out it’s Thursday. Not that it makes much difference!


I spent all week “Is today thursday?” then today arrived and I was like “Is today friday?” :confused: Damn my head

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The day is the day is the day.

I never know anymore! When someone asks me what day it is I never have an answer. (almost)

You’d have a better chance of hearing a sound echo from a rock being dropped into a bottomless pit!

OMG how can you say that!!! Thursday is garbage day!!!


I think I had an appointment with my dentist today, but for the life of me can’t find the letter.

I haven’t been for a year , I kept putting it off. There’s nothing wrong, but the longer I leave it, the worse I feel about going. :grin:

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Go to the dentist or else I will post a photo of my teeth

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OK, I’ll go in the new year, i.e. January. That’s only about 1.5 months away.

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Two months! It’s two months away!

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I hope I don’t get an appointment for 2:30, as it sounds like tooth hurty.


:smile: You should make a poem about that

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@Mountainman it’s garbage day here, too! And what do you know, I forgot to put it out last night…

Also, today is pay day! Now I get to go buy groceries.

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OOOOOOH payday HUH??? I could use a little extra cash…

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I think we all could… ha ha.