So I think I'm getting hired

So I did 2 very intensive interviews for a large financial institution for a manger job and I believe soon I will be hired. I have a strong feeling my soon to be boss is a psychopath… but I kind of feel like I am one too… wearing a suit hiding behind a mask… ready to explode at any moment … how about you guys? Anyone functional like this also feel they are a psychopath?


I used to think I was a psychopath because most of my actions felt fake or forced somehow.
After I got on the right medicines, the feeling pretty much went away.

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My first two years of work after getting out oft the hospital I was batsh*t crazy at work about 50% to 60% of the time. Makes the fact that my boss let me drive his BMW occasionally even more astounding.

Aren’t psychopaths into hurting people…? I get pretty mad, and I can be pretty odd, and I have hallucinations, etc., but I’m not a psychopath.

I am going for a career consultant today!!

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Technically I think psychopaths just have issues with feeling things like remorse and sympathy. They aren’t all bad, they just have issues with feeling certain things.

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I used to think I was a psychopath but I felt guilty about literally everything, even things out of my control .

And now there are people I care about, even on this forum :slight_smile:

What does psychopath mean anyway? I feel like there is no word with a more negative connotation. Abnormal, scary, violent, inhuman, unfeeling, “bad thinking”.

Most of your doctors and psychiatrists are psychopaths. To be able to send away the dead and dying with a smile knowing they can do nothing for them. To prescribe the wrong drug to a child only to see them die as a result and then walk into work the next day with a smile on their face. To perform acts which require exteme emotional detachment daily like surgery for example.

These people are what you would call “good psychopaths”.

Yes I believe there are good and bad psychopaths. Most CEOs and high level people are perhaps psychopaths

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