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So I make a pretty modest salary at my job


the bar has been raised higher for men as well…in different ways. its always changing…I guess its normal. Us men screw up, women screw up. always changing standards. in 50 years from now it will be different. I agree though just get to know the person and don’t be complacent also. Love is out there somewhere, wouldn’t worry too much about the financial situation. Unless the guy is a real A


Society needs more people like the dude, who take it easy for people like us


dude, I wish I could be the dude


I spend one evening a year drinking White Russians and watching the movie. If I could handle a jay I would do that too. It is like a pilgrimage for me.


If your just talking dating… and they bring up salaries i might tell them kick rocks…

The first date i remember with my significant other was a midnight walk through the forrest… even with our little one more times than not we find a natural or historic site… usually it costs more time than money…but thats the point anyway… it usually just cost the petrol and the food… which is geting off rather easy money wise… its usually less crowded… thats a bonus for me…its nice but does take more planning…


haha my first night getting drunk ever I made myself white Russians but I didn’t watch the movie, but I was inspired by the movie. They were good. Havent drank them since and never will again but would if I could ie. if I was the Dude!


Totally buddy. There is a little bit of the dude in all of us!


@Diana_Ross7. I wouldn’t worry so much about your modest salary. I mean there are all sorts of people in the world looking for different things in partners. Some are more traditional in some ways others aren’t. Most important thing is probably people being honest in what they want in a partner so they can find the right one for them. There is often chemistry and a connection, feeling good around the other person but there are practical needs or wants to forming a partnership too. Guess we can’t really say men want this and women want that it is so individual. Although you might not have a huge income to offer there are probably many positive attributes you can offer in a relationship. We all bring different things to the table. I always appreciate a good sense of humor so I would be attracted to that, others might prefer seriousness. We’re all different, makes it interesting.


It sounds to me more like you’re putting the pressure on yourself. Maybe consider working with a therapist to figure out how to stop obsessing about this.


I just don’t feel up to career where I can self actualise at the moment. The whole world is based around the idea of what you do but I feel like my mood really holds me back from attaining greater heights. We all have different thresholds/vulnerabilities to stress you know? But I know I will miss out on some great people as friends and romantic partners because I will seem to be ‘‘not on their level’’ economically, socially or in terms of status. But what can I do? I have a vulnerability for depression and certain jobs trigger it…


Imagine what a perfect life for YOU would be.

Write it down.

Make a plan, connect the dots, and start taking steps to get there.


All I can say is , there’s good people out there who will accept me for me and not what i do for a living, those are the people who are worth my time. I would rather not associate with those who stick their nose up at me because of the work I do. It shows education taught them nothing.