So I make a little music

Catharsis by Sthneed
I have others as well if you are so inclined…


I tried the link but it didn’t work. see if this works @eighteyedspy23


I tried that link and I couldn’t stay on benefits or …

I listened to it. I like it. Very original and unique. A mixture of classical and pop.


I enjoyed listening to your music. Very nice!


Cool song @Sthneed.

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can you list some new cool tunes??

Im kinda nervous to post more. Ive not made anything like this one before.

I heard all sorts of beauty in that track. Really excellent development. I don’t know if the feminine voice was sampled, but she seemed like Sinead O’Connor to me, beautiful in tragic trajectory towards healing and voiceing Love The track had a sense of the mundane in the beginning, sort of process, like humanized dub step, then you took it up levels. You are definitely not sick, your a genius. I pray to the great spirit you acquire allies in your collaboration with the psyche. I don’t if you have heard the sound tracks to the Blade Runner movies, you have the depth of howard zin. Psyche and Soul and Yearning. I were to ever write a lyric or sing my brains and heart out again, it would have to be to your tunes, or some one like you. Thank you for sharing and helping me believe again. Saving Rachel from her corporate overlord, sparing the rebel from judgement of animals who are more machine like that of which she represents in spirit, not in material reflection.

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Thank you so much. I would never think that track was THAT good. I absolutely love blade runner and comparing my stuff to that is more than a compliment.

Do you know that blade runner is based upon a book by Philip K. Dick titled, “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. I didn’t know, for a very long time, thoughI actually watched the original blade runner in the movie theater, I had never heard of PKD. He died during the making of that film and never saw any of the material reward for decades of work to that moment.

He was one of us, moved by series of “paranormal” events that happened in his life, which became a fixation and part of his art. He has been called the Prophet of Science Fiction. Which of course is a huge title in an already crowded field of technical prognosticators. What he focused on in much of his career, was consciousness. What it means to be conscious and the various states of it. The movies and sound tracks and all components of high cinema deal of those movies deal with aspects of the human condition, yet the books they are derived from Phil wrote over decades, though somewhat pulp science fiction in a literary sense, actually were as abysmal and heavenly in their consideration, as any great art that survived through the long history of people on this planet, including cave art.

It’s incredible what a single ape derived mammal is allowed to experience and perceive. The Beauty and the Horror … no wonder we are mortal, its only through this suffering and struggle that we can find the resolution, in perception and experience, to become free of the chains that hold us to the wall of the cave starring at shadows we once thought as reality, to become liberated and decide to walk in the light of the day, and perhaps come back to the cave again only to loose the chains of another slave.That is the idea of Philosophy, generated by Plato in his reflection upon the life of Socrates. There deep in the past, which is derived in deeper perhaps even into the primordial soup the Spirit passed over billions of years ago … an Intent.

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