So I lost four pounds in six days, good or bad?


I can not afford nutra system so Last week I started a weight loss journal to make myself accountable and aware what I eat and how much I walk and I lost four pounds so far. YOu think a good start? I am hopeful to lose my fat butt (sorry). :slight_smile:


That is positive, but beware of crash diets - the quicker one loses the quicker they sometimes gain it all back.
I would pace yourself more and eat healthier and continue to walk. Sometimes slow and steady weight loss is the best


If your able to fast for 3 days, that will be good to your body as it detoxes your system and also you will loose some wait. Fasting is something i am willing to do one day for 7 days, just to detox all my body from all of the toxins that been accumulated.


Congratulations! I think that as long as you are doing it in a planned way it is great, as long as you are still getting nutrition and eating enough to keep healthy. It’s when we become obsessed with it that it becomes a problem I think.


Congrats on losing so much.


That sounds great,I wish I could lol


What you probably lost was mostly water. A pound of body fat has 4,000 calories - almost two days worth of food for the average adult. If you were operating at that kind of calorie deficit your body would slow your metabolism down quickly. To lose four pounds of body fat you would have to have a calorie deficit of 16,000 calories over four days. It is much easier to lose large amounts of weight by dehydration. We used to really sweat out the pounds when I was young when we were pulling weight for wrestling. One year I was so dehydrated that when I went up a weight I went from 115 lbs. to 127 lbs. over night. I increased my weight by ten per cent over night. I gained twelve pounds over night. It was all water.


Yes, apparently an 8oz cup of water really does indeed weigh about 8oz or half a pound… My weight goes all over the place if I weigh on a daily basis and I easily gain a half a pound if I weigh myself after my morning coffee. Actually I seem to lose some water weight if I restrict my sodium and up my potassium intake. Potassium acts like a diuretic I guess, but people with kidney problems have to be a bit careful with it because if you have too much potassium in your blood it can whack out your heart’s electrical system. I don’t think I know anyone who gets 3500mg RDA potassium which I think is the equivalent of something like 10 bananas.


The coffee might initially make you gain weight, but you probably quickly pee it out - probably more than half a pound. Coffee is a diuretic.


Congratulations, my dear friend; these are good news.


@desimb I would be very wary, that is super speedy to lose that much. that’s almost a pound a day. I lose 10 pounds every three months. I keep the weight off too.


I dunno my weight fluctuates like 4 pounds over the course of the day. My roommate says it’s probably water weight.

Good luck on your weight loss journey though! Good for you!


Thats why i like the spirit world so much.

No maintenance needed. No upkeep or maintenance on anything including our bodies.

None of this is nessecary in the spirit world.


Way to go Desimb!!!


I went for a walk once and lost about 64 pounds in one night.

( 64 pounds is about $100 in American currency.)

Anyhow, the money had slipped out of my pants. I backtracked my walking path and did manage to recover some of the cash.


That happened to me with $60.00.


That’s a lot of pounds lost for 6 days. Healthy would be 1-2 pounds per week.

Don’t go below 1,500 calories a day to be on the healthy side. I once went on a diet below that, I lost my sense of smell. Fortunately, after almost 7 years, I have it 95% back.

Good tool when you’re on a weight loss program.


And make sure what you eat is balanced nutritionally.