So I lashed out at my grandparents

At the way they treat me. And my grandpa didn’t respond. He just said, “this is pretty good chili”. Wtf? Like what the actual f*ck? Are my emotions just really that non existent to them?

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Wow that’s… That’s awful

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Honestly it sounds rough and like he was completely ignoring your emotions and words… Maybe he just didn’t know what to say

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It hurts so much for someone in your life to discount your thoughts and feelings. Can you try writing a letter? Maybe they had a hard time hearing it directly. People aren’t perfect so it’s worth trying. I’m sorry you went through that


I don’t care if he didn’t know what to say. It’s obvious when someone doesn’t even react to your anger that they don’t respect your emotions.


Or I mean, say something at least.

Yeah I get that

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