So I just got diagnosed with Schizoaffective Bipolar Type

I did show my journal to my therapist and basically unveiled the parts of my issues I don’t openly tell or show others.
She diagnosed me with the condition as listed in the title.
To be honest, it’s surreal to know this can happen to anyone, even myself.

Just thought to share with y’all because it intrigues me that I have this.

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i am schizoaffective depressive type. welcome to the club

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Dont forget to take ur medicine…btw which med are u on…???

I won’t, I do my best to remind myself to do so, I can’t imagine the negative consequences if I skip.
I’m on Vraylar at the moment, which is working pretty well for me.


Some time we dont have choice…we have to accept this life …i have sz too…i am super low functional in life…i am just waiting for next breakthrough…we shall all live happyly…god bless all of us…

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I’m diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder as well. It’s basically schizophrenia with a mood disorder either depression or bipolar.

Well I hope for your sake you get that great moment where the next breakthrough helps you out. Living with these illnesses aren’t easy but I think positively, it helps us appreciate things we don’t always have (such as those really good days).
At least you try to see some positivity though!

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