So I have to do this for another 60 years?

And this whole time there’s the threat of the world ending or some messy or painful death happening to me on top of everything thats going on with me and my constant unstable life. This is bizarre.

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I’d imagine they’d have a cure or way better treatments by then so I wouldn’t be writing it all off just yet.

As to the rest of the world. Worry about what you can control. You can’t influence world politic so there’s isn’t much point in worrying about it. Just adds needless stress.

I know it’s hard but a little positivity goes a long way. Do something positive a day to improve your lot. Makes life a bit more manageable.

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I think this way a lot too. But I figure a lot can change in that time. Hopefully it changes for the better. But there’s only one way to find out.

As @rogueone says. There are new treatments all the time. In the five years since I was first diagnosed there’s been new medication released with a lower side effect profile.

Try to stay hopeful. Think of all the amazing coincidences that had to happen for you to exist. The world is a beautiful place and you deserve to witness and be a part of it!

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