So i have a friend who might have committed suicide

He was a good one. A good guy deep down/ tortured. He may be farewell at this point as I have not heard from him in some time. God loves… :cold_sweat:

brother in arms

I had a friend like that too.

stay strong my main man

I’m so sorry. Losing someone you care about is the worst pain imaginable. Keep trying to get a hold of him. Maybe there is still hope.

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i cant even read what i am typing my eyes are blurry

shapen up my main man

he was just like me

stay cold friends

i will not stop

Are you ok? 12121

i am ok 12121212

respect this 121212

I lost a daughter and a not-so-distant relative to suicide. Acknowledge your feelings. Accept them. It may take a while, but in time they will pass.

Man I’m so sorry of your friends passing.

But if your not for sure, what conclusions do you draw from that he died?