So I Guess I Found Out What Depression Is Like

Apparently my vitamin D levels were at 12. 30-100 according to what I read is normal and anything below 50 is still deficient. My GP said it was the lowest level she’s ever seen in her whole career. I’ve been prescribed a gigantic dose of vitamin D to take once a week and the intolerable, shitty feeling I’ve been having by sunset, has subsided. If that’s truly what depression is like, where I wanted to murder everyone around me if I had to, just to be alone and then kill myself because I couldn’t stand much, if any, stimuli going on around me from the way I felt, I feel bad for people with actual depression. I’m not feeling that way any longer, but the memory of it still somewhat haunting.

I’ve experienced some depression - not a lot. It’s pretty bad.

I’ve never really been depressed. This is the closest I ever got and it was just when sundown occurred. I don’t know how people manage that happening all day, every day. Like my schizophrenia where I don’t know how I survived childhood with it and no help at all.

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Bipolar depression is pretty bad. That’s what you were going through it seems, if I’m not wrong.

Nah I was just going through vitamin D deficiency that was causing symptoms of depression. I’m fine now that I take doses of it each week.

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