So I got this idea in my head

That sz is caused by the devil. Because I read that dementia is caused by the devil because the idle mind is the devil’s workshop? And how people with idle minds get dementia. I’m struggling now because I’m thinking my capgras is real now and it’s caused by the devil killing off people I know and that this happens to all people with capgras. :Struggling:

Schizophrenia is caused by an imbalance of neurochemicals in the brain, namely dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine. Because of this imbalance, anti-psychotic medication inhibits neurotransmitters from firing which causes the mind of a schizophrenic to not hear voices.

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Think of Meg and all of your mothers problems will go away I hear dogs barking

I think the devil induces those neurochemical problems.

Stressful events, age-related factors, genetics and environmental stressors cause or trigger these neurochemical imbalances. For example, majority of women who experience voices are in usually in their late twenties or early thirties. Men on the other hand experience the voices in their early twenties or late teenage years.

I thought mine were aliens or the devil too, but I don’t know. It FEELS spiritual, but I think there’s a logical explanation for it and mine was caused by them. I don’t think like other people at all nor do I follow current wisdom or anything like that. I think mine was caused by pot, trauma, and I think the norovirus…

I don’t think schizophrenia is spiritual at all anymore, but just feels that way because of the illness. I had theories about cross communication because of quantum effects breaking down and crap, but that’s just wild speculation and made up ■■■■, really.

I thought something happened to me in college 10+ years ago and then I experienced mk ultra, time travel, or just a simple (but complex) alien abduction and decided to think I lived in a computer simulation. I keep time traveling, but nobody can see it or believes me, which is fine. I don’t care.

The content of the schizophrenia whether it be delusions, paranoia or hallucinations is dependent on the personal history, experience and education of the schizophrenic. If you take all schizophrenics together and diagnose them say 1% of an entire population, psychiatrists will diagnose the schizophrenics as either delusional, paranoid or hallucinating. Psychiatrists will prescribe anti-psychotic medication accordingly.

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