So I got the Pixel 8 Pro

Not sure what to think of it yet, gotta go out there and take photos still.


I hear the camera is excellent.

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I don’t see myself using the ai tools or the face swap feature, it just takes the moment away from the photo cos its not real.

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It’s not of any interest to me, either. Photoshop added Generative AI and I don’t see the point as getting the photograph is the thrill for me. I have no interest in making it look fake. I did play with it and it’s awful.

Me: Add lush greenery.
Photoshop: No problem, here’s your concrete.


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I got it as well, still have an s22 ultra.

Just needed a spare phone for my second sim, and maybe to use it as my business phone/number.

I like it but changed the swipe features back to normal button system navigation.

It’s a fast device what can I say, and optimized for Google.


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