So I dropped criminal law for a computer class and job update

This fall now two evenings instead of legal analysis and criminal law I am taking legal analysis and a computer class. I already have two of six classes done from the spring for the paralegal certificate I am hoping will help me or compliment my degrees for a career sometime. Criminal law not required so I dropped it for a computer class cause I skim past so many jobs I"d like to apply for when I see the required computer skills which believe me I lack.

My new part time job going ok except they called me off last week a day and I called off one day this week but he days i’ve worked all is well in week 2.

I realize I lack job skills, business sense and have alot of by contrast theoretical knowledge or understandings of subjects that will never get me work. Might also take a computer seminar at the YWCA in town before the fall semester.

That’s all for me.


Congratulations on the job.

That’s great!! Computers aren’t hard. You put something in and you can expect what is going to come out. Although I’m taking a challenging course now on IT acquisition and sourcing. It’s more what people do with computers than their behavior. If you need any help let me know. I also took a class on writing resumes and answering questions in an interview so I can always give you tips on how to beef up your resume. Good luck! :sunny:

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good on you.
take care