So I decided to give fasting another chance, and it worked

So this isn’t really a delusion, it’s based on a Controlled Fasting Treatment for Schizophrenia paper by Allan Cott, M.D.J google it.
Anyways, so I didn’t eat anything for like 17 days when I suddenly got a fever and couldn’t drink any water at all - so I quit… there was nothing particularly special about 17 days so I just assumed I’d have to try again later and hope I don’t get a fever again. Only thing is, I wasn’t hearing anything… like it was completely silent, 1 day, 2 day, 3 day 4 day silent no voice no hallucination or anything, I was healed… day 5 nothing, day 6, nothing… but then I heard the first voice again at day 7… was a bummer but it was a voice. So after that first voice it just came back gradually - like it was a rare occurrence - 1 maybe 2 voices a day and then as time went by they gradually became more.
I was healed, but turns out, to stay healed, I was meant to go on a vegetable and fruit diet for like 6 months (information from the study on fasting treatment). It sucks because the only reason I started eating meat and regular diet after the 17 days was because I assumed 17 days wasn’t enough to get healed; from the study, people who fast then go back to eating regularly always relapse (like I did).

This sounds like a scam. Your eating habits will not cure you of voices or psychosis. It was just a coincidence

I don’t think it’s a scam… the study itself happened in the 1970s, so it’s not recent, but I have no reason to doubt the Russians - it was a Russians who conducted it on about 1000 patients

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