So I attended a support group for depression in my city

It went well. One girl had bipolar disorder and had always been very quiet and shy and I relate to her in that. It is a proactive recovery oriented group. You do progress reports and are given task to help you overcome your difficulties. So it is not the typical support group. I told them about my friend who had a breakdown and started attending who recommended the group to me. And about my dysthymia/persistent depressive disorder.


I attended a Depression/Bipolar Support Alliance support group for years and years. Those people had no idea what I had to suffer. But, I understood all of them very well.

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My parents are urging me to take up a group like that. I have this social withdrawal where I don’t like talking to people that I need to get over. I think it’d help with my recovery, but lately I just started working out and being more active on here. This website has helped me better than any therapist I’ve had in the past.

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