So I am stuck with this contract that I can't get out of for another week

Basically what happened is this. The agency told me it would be a three month contract. But when I went to work on my first day I was told I would be there only 4 days but later got told it would be two weeks. They also lied to me about the distance. It takes two hours for me to get home everyday. They also said the job is in a project office but that was a lie too. The only thing that hopefully was not a lie is the pay. But I am so angry because when I asked them if I could pull out they said I’d have to work my notice. I am so stressed because working in a mental health clinic is really stressful. I find it extremely difficult to be around people who are really that ill. It is effecting me emotionally. I know I can go to the doc and pull a sick but then what are the chances of me getting another job? ZERO.

Have you actually signed the contract? If not, then you can split, but you probably won’t get paid.

Edit: Don’t worry about getting another job. Just don’t mention the few days you worked at your current place.


I wouldn’t use that agency again. Obviously.