So I am proposing a new sleep schedule

6pm to 2am. This way I get my being up during the nights which I adore - and I get most of the day too.



Sounds good. I wish I could do something similar. I currently do 9pm to 6am


Whatever works for you my friend but keep it regular. Take your meds same time. Keep on your schedule. It really does make it easier for things like exercise and eating. Yeah it can be a bit boring sometimes but you gain with health!

Good luck!

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I usually wake up at 3am and go back to sleep after i use the bathroom. Gotta watch out for those nighttime munchies though!

My nurse practitioner is ok with me using melatonin which helps a lot. I also take a dose of 1000mg of MSM at bedtime which reduces snoring and helps eliminate morning arthritis for me. I take my Risperdal earlier in the day now because otherwise it seems to interfere with my sinuses too much and then I don’t sleep as well.

I am almost totally off valium and all benzos which was long and hard to do but worth it.

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That sounds like a good schedule! I used to like staying up during the night as well, as i used to work in the evening. Now i only work mornings, so i can’t stay up too late these days. Good luck with your new schedule!

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Sounds good. I wish I could sleep at all.

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