So I am able to keep the flat looking respectable - big deal for me

This summer I embarked on a campaign of clearing my flat up. I got rid of everything I hadn’t used for 6 months - bit drastic but you kinda have to be ruthless at some point.

I keep on top of the bathroom and the kitchen. I have set food and have allocated the crockery and utensils a separate space for each meal. Pans I don’t use anymore have been put away. I don’t have dirty dishes lying around anymore.

I hoover fairly regular and clean up clutter as I go along.

I think this has helped my headspace. Now if only I could shower more - I shower once a week at the moment.


I have found when I’m in a relationship,

I take baths and shave regularly.
And the house is cleaner too.

Phil does a fair share around here,
but the bathrooms are my job.

I don’t think he’d make a good custodian, heehee.


that’s great @anon35166066 I wish I could say the same around here…I sweep about once every two weeks and there are 80% of our dishes rinsed but not washed…sigh.


My place is pretty good. The kids are doing their part. It definitely helps me feel better.

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i do alright, need to keep on top of it though bc if you let it slip it gets harder and harder to do

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Just figured this out. Is a lot easier when you don’t let it reach a massive effort

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Good for you @anon35166066!

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Way to go! 1515

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