So HR knows my diagnosis now

Yesterday I got a call from someone at the clinic telling me that my doctor filled out the form for my work, and that it was about to be faxed. The form included my doctor giving my diagnosis, among other things about my condition, such as symptoms.

I wonder what HR is going to think, and what they are going to do. The purpose of the form was to see if there would be any accommodations that would help me at my job. I’m hoping they decide to skip all of that, and go straight to their last resort: facilitating a transfer to something else within the hospital system. I want to keep earning decent pay and, just as importantly, keep the awesome benefits package that my employer offers. I just know I can’t maintain my current job much longer, too much stress (today was terrible). I’ve had panic attacks there. I really don’t think there are any accommodations that will make that job doable for me. This form that was faxed yesterday is the last hope to save me a job of some sort in one of the hospitals or clinics in that health system.

Edit: I should note that the form is kept confidential, in the sense that they will not disclose anything from it to my supervisors. That knowledge will stay within that area of HR.


Best of luck. I hope things work out for the best.

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Yeah best of luck with everything @freakonaleash.

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You’ve made a great effort to keep this job and that’s a huge step.

Good luck, I’m sure they’ll get you either at the right pace or somewhere else more comfortable.


I really hope they get scared by your diagnosis and give you a super accommodating job that doesn’t require much effort. That sometimes happens! I often see this mentally disabled young guy who works at Burger King on the bus and think he should be much worse off disability wise than me yet he works at a job I quit in a day. Very good work keeping your job up till now. They might give you a job you don’t want too, like maybe janitorial work…? Maybe include a letter to HR with your skills and desired positions.

I’ve had that thought as well. I mean, I work in a children’s hospital. I’m almost ok with it if they see “schizo” and think I’m just some nut job who could wig out at any time and start punching babies. Hell, I’m ok with it if it gets me a transfer to something I can handle.

They would discuss all of that with me before making any decisions on what kind of job they could have me do.

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Are you in the United States? I’ll definitely have to look into if my job has this.

Best of luck to you. Maybe you can get ahead of the game by giving them a call and requesting the accommodations or transfer that you feel would let you work to your highest potential. I’m sure they want you as productive as you can be. Besides if they don’t grant you what you want, at least you’ll know what your options are.

I see someone beat me to the punch with that suggestion… do do do. Don’t mind me.