So how can I get better

I have looked for a way out of the unnamed reality of “schizophrenia” to find a key principle that allows me to find myself in a normal mind state again. It is a thought process that allows people to believe in the unknown without having a problem with a feeling of unknowingness. you need to think of the main problems in your life, whether it be thinking to much about a aspect of your life, or thinking to much of a mind altering state. Then you need to look inside yourself and say to yourself that the state that I am in is not the only problem within my life. Along with this look within and find out why you can’t see a possibility to be healthy again, whether it is doubt or unbelief, you should continue to look within until you figure out why you have a problem with your current situation. When you think you found a problem with your situation, reflect on the truth that the illness is just a matter of a disorientied feeling of unknowing. With all of these things done there is only one question left to ask yourself. Will I be a person who is in control and healthy again or will I continue to be ill and suffering with this brain disease. Thank you for my time to reflect on a situation that troubles me currently, hopefully by looking within you can find the answer your looking for.


I have just learned to become selfless & to fully embrace my weaknesses. I can’t stop anything by being bigotted or arrogant towards others, I have to be more sympathetic & giving.

On top of that, tons of rest & good nutrition. I get more than my DV% of vitamins - especially B vitamins, as well as vit C & vit A.

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