So hot today!

I am having the fan blowing my back. The pavement is to hot to be barefoot. Just chilling and have light entertainment.


In Europe is cold as ice

Where are you from?

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Im jealous. Bloody freezing here in the uk. Roll on our summer.


I am living in perth west Australia. There is song call “perth we are sorry, so sorry”:grinning:


I’m in England
I seem to remember last spring and summer it got way too hot here

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When i get paid i buy myself some icypoles. I can’t keep stocking up cold water and iceblocks.

Yes your right it was hot here. How i miss it. I live in a tourist town and remember getting annoyed with all the holiday makers for taking over my local pub and nicking my seat lol. Cant wait till spring - usually down the beach watching the sunrise. :slight_smile:


Perth is so small i get responses from our public what i am doing. Sometimes i wish living somewhere more populated disappearing into anonymity. But maybe its all ignorant thinking.

It’s been cold here but I know spring isn’t that far away and it will warm up quickly. Summers here are hot and humid and make me anxious for fall and winter to return.

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Cold here, but has been a mild winter so far, will get a blast of really cold air on thursday

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yeah, here in Iowa around MLK day, it’s sub zero

then Feb. a lot of snow

winter has a charm that takes awhile to get rid of


I’m Australian too.

42c in the shade here today and they say it will be hotter tomorrow.

Inside keeping cool.

Do you live near water beach …?

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I haven’t got a car. Public transport takes me to the beach in about 1 hour. But the sun here is dangerous because of the ozonholes in the atmosphere.

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