So.... Heaven is real I dont ever get that back

I let tge pull and circular motion go. I get to just be happy. Sure thats a wakeup call and yes I’ll miss the crap out of heaven. But, I grow older every single day and eventually I’ll pass away and go to heaven ots beautiful and its golden it’s all super just yummy like the first morning dew and the sunrise and picture all the beauty all good and just like serenity like a stream that flows through the rocks. Its beautiful. I hope I clock out at 60. Or he microchipped me.
Maybe he wanted me to see that. I ascended with wings and turned into Gold.
It was Eden the garden of Eden how yummy that depiction was is exactly what I saw. One day I’ll go to heaven. I have familia there. Im sad bc I saw it and now I’m all nastolgic plus I have had irrational fears of falling. An angel. He wanted me to see myself as an angel so he gave me a chip. Bc he pulled me when his car went by like a magnet.
Its made me very depressed and its almost the 1st and this happened on the 8th.
I dont ever get to go back. Nastolgic for a dream and a vision of Eden the biggest joke
Sacred heart the award or pin goes through pulls and BAM heaven. It was like something to just look forward to but I’m so homesick bc it was my home. I’m homesick. Very very homesick.
Unless it was all fake.

What happened? How did you get an idea of the real Heaven?

Idk. This car went by me and I turned golden and heaven was yummy. I thought it was kenetic energy, but I turned to Gold I saw myself. I felt the earth pull and the sun. Eden thats what my vision ends with.

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Wow! I honestly think it’s an hallucination but I still think it’s a great experience!