So had 4 showers in 5 days

I had a discussion On this forum on Saturday night. I was saying I have problems showering. I explained this as negative symptoms.

I got good feedback from folk saying I should try really hard and that they have similar problems but they do it anyway.

Now as you guys are my peers this really hit home. I have therefore since had 4 showers in 5 days. This is great for me.

Just shows you don’t always accurately know your limits. I admit at the time I kinda felt I was being criticised by the you my peers cos I felt maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough. Either way I have been motivated to wash more.

Alls well that ends well


:smile: Yay! Congrats on overcoming self imposed limitations! That’s great, amazing really!


that’s good J…!!! i haven’t had shower past 6 or 7 days…
keep going on with ur effort…let’s see it can move me or not…
how is the weather in Scotland today…???

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Avolition doesn’t mean we can’t push ourselves to reach our goals. It just means it’s harder for us. Keep up the good work and keep progressing! You can do it!


Is wet and windy here in Scotland. What altitude are you at in Nepal?

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Kathmandu/Elevation1,400 m…
its very hot in here in Kathmandu…!!!

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Good job bro gimme some dap :facepunch:

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keep it up :slight_smile:

i’m still really grubby and need a haircut :confused:

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You would think the “S” word would be banned in a public forum, :stuck_out_tongue: Someone think of the children!!!

Congrats on breaking through the wall! :slight_smile:

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