So glad I dont have a family of my own

No wife. No kids. No hassle.

Growing up in my family showed me the sinister side of family life, and I never wanted a family of my own as a result.

Then, hey presto! Diagnosed with schizophrenia.

So I made such a good choice.

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Yeah, me too.

It does come right out of the ■■■■■■■ blue doesn’t it. I still can’t believe it. It’s insane.

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I did want kids but now I don’t. I used to be a dead beat dad in my past lives. Don’t want to repeat that.

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I have mixed feelings about this, I want to have kids but I don’t know if I’m even capable of taking care of myself yet, that comes first. We’ll see about this, don’t even have a partner yet lol

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I think a family is just a bunch of selfish people thrown together vampire-ing off each other. Then people are surprised when it goes wrong.

I see what my family man brother is going through - basically Hell.

I went throug torture during my Married years.

A Materialistic psychopathic borderine wife - a kid with special needs (God Bless Him)

A thankless High stress job etc… No I dont Envy Him - I feel sorry for Him.

No Wife, No Kids for me - I am content with this - I dont need to be stressed out to the point of decompensation.

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Not all families are like that, stop generalizing! :smile: It’s rough, everybody’s got issues, I think a happy family recognizes that and accepts it.

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