So folks psychiatry appointment tomorrow. What to say?

It’s clear these last 6 months has been pretty hard. I kinda feel stupid because it was all my doing the decision to come off the depot. In fact if I am honest every ‘smart’ idea I have had regarding meds has played out to be bad.

I kinda just want to hand over ALL med decisions to him. Ie I will not suggest meds in the slightest just let him decide. I will feedback honestly to the community nurses if I am having like unbearable side effects but I want to take a more passive role in my meds.

Is taking a backseat on med decisions fair enough or is it hopeless giving up. I just don’t think I’m fit to make sound decisions on my meds right now.


I have been on Haloperidol, Aripiprazole and Amisulpride in the last year. I told my pdoc I don’t give a ■■■■ anymore, just make the decision and I will follow his recommendation whatever that might be.

Taking a backseat doesn’t have to be negative.

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The result may be the same as it’s a trial and error process anyway. Best of luck tomorrow ! :sunny:

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You’re taking it day by day

but if depot didn’t work for you in the past

I’m not sure what to say.

I understand side effects, Invega has always worked for me,

and I can’t tolerate many.

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I think invega is a popular depot round here. Am just worried because it’s supposedly similar to respiridone and that totally killed my sex functioning.

yes, understandable

yeah, they are sister drugs

I had to come off of risperdal when my breasts started leaking

I’m only telling you me, JimBob, and not sure what works for you

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its a gamble, finding the right meds is a gamble, if you are willing to take risks you never know where it might end up, you could be better Or you could be worse depending on your reaction to it, some times it pays off, tbh idk how i managed to get on a good med, my first med was so bad, they wanted to put me on clozapine but luckily that was averted so i tried abilify which didnt work then i tried my current med.

all i’m saying is its a gamble, you could win or lose, i dont really know the odds but maybe you psychiatrist does.

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I think it’s a good idea to take a backseat for a while. You have a tendency to be doing well mentally, but get fed up with side effects and tweak things. Then you have a sharp increase in symptoms, go back to your original meds, and decide never to tinker again. A few months later, the cycle repeats. Trying to break that cycle seems like a good idea to me.

Have you given any thought to the genesight DNA test? I know it’s only like 70% accurate, but it might give your doctor a better idea of how to help you with the fewest side effects. Then you might feel better about staying on your meds.

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I think the cycle you have identified is spot on.

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I feel for you. I am glad I finally found a med that has minimal side effects for me. You’ll find something for you, too!

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Jim, Phil just an artificial girlfriend on Wish.

Not sure how much he paid.

He says it’s super, and won’t quit, even has to shut it off.

He enjoys sex a lot better now.

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Yeah amazon has some pretty good devices. Think I’ll get one.

you should, not say I’m all that bad either,

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