So fatigued all the time

I’m tired and fatigued most of winter, even after taking my evekeo prescription (stimulant). I always just want to lay in bed, even when I have a small amount of work to do I have trouble building up the energy to do it. It seems like a lot of people on here have similar issues. Is there any end to this? Why is there nothing to fix this?

Maybe you have Seasonal Affective Disorder…where you become more blue, amotivated, fatigued, etc. Have you spoken to your pdoc about this? If it is affecting you this badly, it may be worth discussing.

I personally love the winter. But having said that, winter in Queensland is pretty mild. We usually sit around 24 degrees or so. It never really gets cold. But i like the winter because summer is so damn hot.

I had been diagnosed SZA a few years ago, more recently bipolar so I figured it might be due to this. Do you think it’s abnormal for someone with bipolar or some form of sz to have such low energy and high fatigue in winter months?

Well, i know it isn’t abnormal for people with Schizophrenia to have low energy and fatigue, but i always thought that it wasn’t season specific. That you would feel this way regarding of what time of the year it is. As for Bipolar, well you could have a down period at any time i would imagine.

I’d try out a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) lamp, to see if it improves your mood. It is very bright and imitates sunlight, and depending on the quality you only need it near you from 15 minutes to 2 hours a day, to feel good again.

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I might try this depending on reviews, has this been effective for you?

I bought an LED model, it’s pretty cheap, but you need to use it for 1-2 hours for an effect. I feel somewhat more motivated after I use it, and my mood is decent too. I don’t feel utterly manic, nor hypomanic, just “okay”.

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