So far so good with lower dose of Naltrexone

So far so good. I was on 50 MG but I think that was more than I needed. I think the only disadvantage of being on such a high dose was that I threw up once a week. It’s too early to see If my problem is fixed (the throwing up, by changing to 25 mg) but so far my mood, psychosis, anxiety, and alcoholic tendencies haven’t changed at all switching from 50 to 25 mg.

I know when I went up to 100 MG it didn’t change anything, I just felt “heavier” but the advantages were non-existant, but the disadvantages went up by raising it to 100 mg. I never tried 25 mg before but so far so good at this dosage.

There are a lot of people online who preach “LDN”…it stands for Low dose Naltrexone. And they’re talking like 6.25 MG…very low dosage. That its still effective at that dose. maybe they are onto something and you get the same benefits with less side effects of naltrexone, at a very low dose. That would be a great discovery.

I only switched to 25 mg, in an hour or 2 I will take 25 mg for the third day in a row. So its new. I wonder what the half life of this drug and how long until my body is officially on 25 mg when the other 25 mg is extracted from my body. I just feel even better at 25 mg than 50 mg. And haven’t thrown up in 10 days either!! So hope it keeps up


Good luck with it…!!!


Good luck man hope it goes well


2 weeks since ive thrown up…naltrexone effective at 25 mg…all is good in my world

I am really pleased that you have been ok on the lower dose of Naltrexone.
Are you planning to stay on the Sertraline as I have found antidepressants very helpful with not drinking.
It has been 5 months now since I have drunk any alcohol.

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Yeah I’m definitely gonna stay on the Zoloft 25 mg only though. It does really help with the not drinking!! Congrats on 5 months!!

The only bad part of Zoloft is it makes my right arm twitch uncontrollably at times, but its a side affect that’s worth it because the med is really good other than that…