So dang tired

Went to my internship today. Cared for animals then I was spray painting. I only worked for 3 hours but dang I was tired. I took a long nap afterwards. I slept good cuz of daylight savings time, could the inhalation of spray paint make me tired? Never been so tired after such a short shift…albeit I did work hard.

I wake up tired. Endure the day tired. Go to bed tired. There is no state of non-tiredness in my life since being medicated.


Yeah I was like that on clozaril…sleep 20 hours per day…eat the other 4

It’s partly the medications. I wish I could work, but we all have limitations.

Well that all included a physical work so I wouldn’t be concerned…
I also get tired (and bored) after only a few activities.

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Once you get into a routine you won’t get so tired. Something new usually is draining.

I texted the girl I was spray painting with she said she was unordinarily tired too.

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Yes it could. Be careful. Maybe wear one of those face masks next time.


I get real tired - I take like 3 hour naps at a time!

Its the shorter days - I like to Hibernate during the Autumn/Winter Months.

Agreed. Face masks are essential for spray painting.

Why do people with sz and sza get so tired?

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I’m like this too. Although for me it has nothing to do with meds.

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Its partially because of the Antipsychotics - they drain you!

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Thanks! What’s the least sedating ap?

Latuda and Abilify are not as sedating usually - Geodon can be this way as well.