So close and yet so far

I finally got my diet pills after some to do. But the lady at meds management said I can’t take one today because it’s too late. Apparently they can cause some anxiety if you take them too late in the day. Sigh. So I can’t start until tomorrow. And I started my diet today, so I’m extra hungry. I think I’m going to eat an egg. lol.


I hope you do well on your pills!

I started eating better today and have done pretty good so far.

Best of luck, @leaf.

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Thank you @goldenrex . What kind of things are you eating?


I had some veggie quiche for lunch,

A couple snacks.

Just trying to cut back on portions and junk food right now.


That sounds good. I’m trying to decide what I want my one meal to be. I could have salads or crudite or even a small amount of pasta with veggies in the sauce. I guess I should do different things to keep it interesting. The same thing all the time would be boring. I could even get some Amy’s meals, I love those and it would be easy.


I like Amy’s too.

I think you should eat whatever would be the most satisfying.

As long as you keep your portions in control, like you’re doing, you can eat what you want.

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I’m hoping the pills help with portion control because I’ve been struggling so much with that. It’s been terrible. I’ve been eating a meal and thinking about what I get to eat next. This is the worst I’ve ever been and the most I’ve weighed.

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Don’t feel bad.

In 2012 I was the heaviest I’ve ever been and I lost almost 80lbs just watching my portions and going on walks.

You can absolutely do this.

I did it, and I love food so much.

I really think the pills will help you too.


Thanks @goldenrex I’m really going to try my best.

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And congratulations on losing so much weight, that’s amazing!

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@goldenrex Thats good you lost all that weight. Did you lose it while on medication?


I got off medication so I could lose it.

Probably not advised.

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Okay, thank you for anwering. I am trying to lose about 70lbs while on invega sustenna. Hopefully it’s still doable while on meds.:grin::heart_eyes:

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